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I am a computer science student at Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering Mumbai India.

My special interests include

1) Computers:

SOA, Lightweight J2EE Frameworks, Alternative persistance frameworks, Web Services, System Architecture, Object Oriented Analysis and Design. Avid Java Developer


Microcontrollers, Interfaces

3)Other Poetry and English Literature( esp Coleridge, Shakespeare, Wordsworth)

Useful software developed by me( targeted towards college students)

1) SmarterPrint: A useful software to manage lpq, cups and similar queue restrictions. This software continuously monitors the printer queue and issues your printout as soon as a queue slot is empty. I have developed this software to enable me to take printouts for my journals and programs even at the end of the semester. It uses CUPS API and Linux System Calls. I'll post this software shortly.