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The occupation of Palestine is a term referring to the military presence of Israel, and the presence of Israelis, on land that was formerly part of the British mandate of Palestine, often particularly the portions referred to today as the Palestinian Territories. The term is typically used by people who sympathize with non-Jewish Palestinians in the conflict.

Usage of the term "occupation"[edit]

While Israeli military presence in the Palestinian Territories is not disputed, it is important to note that many people believe that Palestinian areas are an integral part of Israel and thus cannot be "occupied", while others believe the alleged occupation is legal. It is also important to note that many believe a continued Israeli presence in the Palestinian Territories is nessecary to prevent attacks on Israel by surrounding nations.

Brief history[edit]

The alleged occupation began in 1948, with Israel's declaration of independence and subsequent invasion by the surrounding nations. Israel eventually came out on top, and then began expanding into areas outside of the land designated for a Jewish homeland by the UN partition to protect against future attacks. The same neighbouring nations soon launched additional invasion attempts, all of them unsuccessful, and in response Israel steadily began to occupy more and more of the present-day Palestinian Territories and neighboring lands. Israel currently occupies more than 80% of the UN-designated Palestine, as well as areas claimed by Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, although Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has begun the implementation of a plan for withdrawal from some of the aforementioned territories. Lands formerly claimed by Israel include the Sinai Peninsula and Lebanon, and if Ariel Sharon's plans are successful, withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is somewhere in the near future.

International community[edit]

This alleged occupation has been repeatedly condemned by much of the international community, although there are a number of nations that support Israel or refuse to take sides. Many supporters of Israel claim that those nations which denounce Israel's actions harbour anti-Semitic or other grudges against the State of Israel.

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