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I was inactive for quite a while but have decided to contribute on various articles that I enjoyed working on but never finished.

My interests:

  • Soup - I'm thrilled that this article was revised so much. I would like to add more sources, especially weblinks.
  • Degenerate Art - I just want to finish this up with or without any help. Much of the history of Degenerate Art has underwent significant changes and is far less revisionist now, and someone rightly commented that "Degenerate Art" is far more comprehensive in scope than just the art exhibit in `39.
  • Campbell Soup Company I would like to change the product list to a chronological order for clarity, and also, to include the acquisition history of the company.
  • I have an extensive resource collection on etymology - as opposed to entomology. I also have a very solid reference collection on food history.
  • I am currently working on Essential oil to expand the definitions of various oils, include the history, and links and references. Thank you.